About Quintamid

Quintamid is the brainchild of Bluejack. The vision? A collection of related applications, services, and sites of interest to all those active in the so-called 'Speculative Fiction' genres -- Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror.

Currently, of course, the only component available is the Market Database, and that is not even running at full functionality. Look for enhancements to the Database and new major components in 2004.

And now, the inevitable FAQ:

What is a Quintamid?

A five-sided pyramid.

But what does it mean?

Oh, come on! Use your imagination.

Did you just make this idea up out of the blue?

We are much indebted to Ralan's Webstravaganza, Little Behemoth, Paula Fleming, The Market List, The Engine, Jean Seok, and all the people at the Rumormill (especially Michael Engen, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Kent Brewster, and Patrick Samphire) -- the database in its present form is more the result of the examples and ideas of these people as it is any of our own efforts.

So... does the net really need another market list?

Probably not, but developing a market list application was the easiest component of the various functions we want to tie together to get out the door quickly, so this is where we began. We do think there will be value and synergy in the complete set of features we plan to offer here that is not currently offered anywhere else.

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